A rainy day

Dark clouds have been looming threateningly for over a week now, and finally, it came down in all its glory this afternoon. The city embraced its first downpour of the season. The thirsty earth gulping every drop of water shed on it. It is, the best time of the year.
Enveloped in a sense of joy,I sit back in the balcony relishing the rain. There is a feeling of immense happiness. The sweet sound of the rain pounding the parched and dried earth feels like music to the ears.  The rain drumming the window panes gives a sense of awakening from a long slumber. The chill breeze instills a sense of excitement. I feel intoxicated in this rain.There is a sudden rush of energy. The new wave of energy has empowered the mind and the body to take on the world and scale new heights. There is a sense of being transported to a different place. It is the season of love, season of joy and season of celebration.  I can feel a surge of happiness and excitement gripping me, promising me memories of a lifetime ahead.
Ah ! such joy, such bliss.“Rain”, truly a blessing to mankind!


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