November wind..

Sitting in a beach cafe on a starry night I could feel the cold winter wind cut through my bones. I pulled the lapels of my jacket into a tight hug. The evening waves danced in tune to the steady breeze. The November wind has a mystical beauty to it. I could hear the ting-a-ling of a cart man pushing his cart selling ice-cream and cotton candy. Somewhere in the distance I could smell samosas being fried. Hawkers lined the pavement, travelers, regulars, tourists,children, an entire melange of people filled the beach road. In spite of the steady buzz of people around, I could experience an unexplained tranquility.As the ceaseless sea expanded in front of me , I couldn’t help drifting into random thoughts.

The mind leaves behind the daily dose of worries and plunges into the vastness ahead. The gigantic view of the sea ahead infuses a new energy. It makes our problems look smaller, the  mountain of worries baseless, and the uncertainty of life as a challenge rather than an object of concern. It strengthens the mind giving it the much-needed break from the monotony of thoughts we thrust upon it.

Our life is a lot like the sea, vast in its offering, undefined in its course and marked with moments of high and low. The sea is strong, it has stood the test of time, and spells authority in every form. But, it is also patient, free-spirited, bountiful and enduring. Man has a lot to learn from it. It teaches us humbleness and courage. It teaches us to be open,kind, yet uncompromising and relentless in our pursuit of life. It teaches us to live life king-sized urging us to plunge into its depths unraveling unabashedly with nothing held back.


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